I was watching the fabulous Aussie film Kenny the other night and because I had seen it before I was waiting for the memorable line “There is a smell in here that will outlast religion”.
Movies often become memorable and develop into cult status because of these fabulous one-liners.

Consider the ones below and see if you can pick the movie:
• That’s not a knife… this is a knife!
• That’s going straight to the pool room
• Just what this world needs, another cock in a frock on a rock
• You can’t handle the truth!
• I’ll be back
• Use The Force, Luke

See what I mean?
So…. How memorable is your message?

Last month I presented a workshop at the Australian Institute of Training and Development called Staple it to their heads – How to make you training stick and I talked about the need for all of us to include ‘staples’ in out presentations. Staples are little gems that help make our message stick – they may be stories or analogies, or memorable lines that summarize our message and, well, end up being stapled to the forehead.

Some of the staples I repeated often in my workshop include:
Simplicity sells
Clarity is king
Cement it till it sticks

So have a think, and look at your presentation with fresh eyes and uncover your own staples to help make your message memorable.

Sharon Ferrier
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