You know, I’m not really a fan of positive thinking. I know that sounds counter-productive, right?

To me, positive thinking is like driving down a hill in the car with no breaks and saying to yourself “It’s okay, I’m just going to think positively!”

And it seems I’m not alone, there is a growing pool of research supporting the dangers of toxic positivity.

What I am a fan of though, is realistic thinking which can then lead to positive action.

Here’s how it works:

Let’s say you have an important work presentation coming up. Rather than airbrushing over your nervousness with “Just be positive!” You ‘Flip the tape’ that is running in your head and apply realistic thinking.

Realistic thinking involves reinforcing the actions you have taken in the past and creating an action list of what you need to do now.

So, you would say to yourself:

  • I have done this before
  • I am well prepared
  • They have asked me to speak because they are interested in what I have to say
  • I will now spend some time practising my presentation
  • If I get a question I don’t know, I will ask for clarification
  • If I still don’t know the answer I will reply with:
    I don’t have that information with me at the moment, but I can get back to you this afternoon with the answer

These are some of the tactics I explore in my workshop Stand up, Speak up and Persuade

Here is some feedback from participants at the University of Tasmania:

  • A valuable workshop that is hands-on and makes you think and analyse yourself
  • Sharon is a wonderful presenter, a role model who has given me confidence
  • An excellent facilitator who knows her stuff and presents the material in an engaging and interesting way
  • (as a result of this workshop)… my confidence is stronger and my presentations will be more appealing to the audience
  • (Implementing these skills)… will change my life both at home and at work

I deliver coaching, workshops, keynotes and facilitate meetings. If you are ready to take action in 2021, please call me and let’s have a chat or click here to leave a message.

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