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Persuasive Presentations was founded by Sharon Ferrier an award winning speaker and salesperson.  Since 2001 Sharon has helped thousands of people Australia wide and internationally. She works with professionals in the legal, medical, mining and manufacturing industries develop and hone presentations to inspire, motivate and persuade others. For a list of clients Sharon has worked with click here. For Sharon’s bio click here.
Persuasive Presentations is a company dedicated to help you to be a persuasive and influential communicator
Persuasive adj  : able to cause people to do or believe something, Persuasion: to win others over, not to defeat them
Presentations noun: an activity in which someone shows, describes, or explains something to a group of people
Today positional power is on the decline and we need to be able to rely on personal power to be persuasive in order to get things done
Do you need to:

Lead a team?


Speak up at meetings?


Manage change?


Build your personal brand?


Deliver a presentation?


Prepare a pitch?


Network to source new clients?

Then Persuasive Presentations can help you!

Persuasive Presentations provides workshops, keynotes and coaching to help you and your team develop into confident and persuasive communicators

All Good Presentations Start With a Confident Speaker


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