It was in 1624 when English poet coined the phrase “No man is an island.” Fast forward 400 years and social isolation has been proven to reduce your life expectancy.

We all need people in our personal and professional lives.  We need to be able to connect, collaborate, and communicate with others. In most corporate environments we also need to work with others to get our work done.

Here are the three circles of connection you need.

The personal network is our wellness network. It consists of families and friends and prevents us
from being socially isolated. Traditionally, women were the caretakers of the personal network. It
was the mothers and wives that organised Christmas and Easter gatherings, dinner with the
neighbours, and play dates for their children. Whenever our personal circumstances change, we
need to rebuild our personal network. If you have ever moved interstate or overseas you have
learnt and applied skills to rebuild your wellbeing circle.

The operational network is people we work and interact with daily. Never underestimate the power
of a smile, a wave and greeting people in the morning. It is important to build rapport bridges with
those around us so when it becomes time for us to ask a favour, the pillars of trust and friendship
already there.

Our strategic network is where opportunity lies. This is where we find clients, mentors, and career
opportunities. It’s also how we expand our brain pool. We need to stretch ourselves and look
outside of our organisation to enhance our skills and create alliances.

Think about

  • Which circle do you feel most comfortable in?
  • Which circle requires growth and support?
  • Who do you need to build a bridge with in your operational circle?
  • What professional organisations are you a member of in the strategic circle?
  • Do you have a champion, mentor, coach and sponsor in your board of advisors?

I cover all of this and more in my Strategic Networking program. Give me a call – I’m always happy
to chat.

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