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Keynote Presentation


30 – 90 minutes

Suitable for a conference, seminar, convention or a special team meeting

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Half day 2 – 3.5 hours

or a Full day 5 – 8 hours

Suitable for small to medium groups who want to unpack, explore and cement their learning

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Persuasive communication strategy consultation

One-on-one coaching for individual needs

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What are your needs?

Each presentation or workshop is tailored to suit you and your team’s needs.

Stand Up, Speak Up & Persuade

How is it that two people can talk about the same thing, but only one gets their message across? That’s because it’s all in the delivery. If your job is to persuade and influence others, these techniques will help you to build on your presentation skills and excel. So stand up, speak up and persuade!

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Managing Meetings

Whether you’re new to the role or want to improve your meeting management skills, you’ll discover plenty of ideas to keep the wheels turning. Learn how to plan and manage meetings that run on time, encourage participation and produce results.

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Pitch Perfection

A pitch is about engaging, enticing and moving people to action. Learn the 3 important elements you must communicate in every pitch and how to think on your feet.

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Persuasion and Influence

The days of command and control are over. Organisations are flat and we need to be able to persuade and influence those with whom we work in able to get the job done. This workshop will provide you with the tools to be able to achieve this.

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Facts Tell, Stories Sell

We all want to deliver engaging, memorable presentations. While facts and stats are important, it is your stories that trigger emotion and move people to action.

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Escaping PowerPoint Purgatory

We’ve all been subjected to PowerPoint hell. Now you can learn how to prevent ‘whiplash injuries’ to your audience as you keep them from falling asleep. Discover how to deliver PowerPoint presentations that are engaging, entertaining and informative.

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Strategic Networking

Trust and likeability are just two of the keys to networking. But how do you present the real you while also developing strategic alliances beneficial to your business? Find out how to create a memorable and positive impression, identify opportunities for networking, explore what you can offer and what you want to gain, and develop your network with integrity.

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Persuasive Personal Brand

You are an individual business unit. But before you can market to someone else you need to believe in the product. Identify your strengths and find out how to sell yourself and make yourself memorable.

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The most used psychometric test worldwide. DISC is the most effective way to understand yourself, your team and your clients.

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Confidence Fitness

Confidence is like a muscle – the more you use it, the stronger it gets. Learn how to ‘feel the fear and do it anyway.’ You can choose to be confident!

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