Question: What do all these movie quotes have in common?
• “Hasta la vista, Baby.”
• “I’m king of the world!”
• “May the force be with you”
• “You can’t handle the truth!”
• “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”
• “I want to be alone.”
• “After all, tomorrow is another day!”
Answer: They engage you, generate an emotion and are highly memorable.

Now, think back to the last workshop you attended or the last speaker you heard. Can you remember the title of their presentation or workshop? Hmmmm? Probably not.

Your presentation title is an opportunity to create a ‘pow’ first impression. It’s a chance to win then over and get them excited about you and your topic.

Here are three ways to ‘get them at hello’ for your next presentation.

1. Think like a journalist

One of the things that Jeremy Clarkson does really well is have a catchy title for his columns. Past titles have included:
• ‘I’ve spayed my wasps with glue, not what?’
• ‘I’m going to cure dumb Britain’
• ‘Concussion is what holidays are all about’
• ‘Please carry on filming, I’m only burning to death’
• ‘Burial? Cremation? Boil-in-the-bag?’
Like him or hate him, these titles make you want to read. Just like you need a grab for your talk, think like a journalist and create a hook in your title.

2. Use what, why, how and when

Two of my most popular workshops are ‘How to escape PowerPoint purgatory’ and ‘Staple it to their heads – how to make your training stick’.

When I ask people why they chose to attend, they often reply, “It sounded practical and fun.” You may well have a serious topic – but put a unique spin on it and make it your own.

3. Please don’t bore me!

Are you going to be happy attending a talk entitled ‘Interpretive Guidelines to the model WHS Act – section 27’? Or like me, would you rather stab your left eyeball out with a blunt pencil?

Think of your presentation title like the cover of a book. If you wouldn’t buy it at the airport when about to depart on a 10 hour flight, then don’t use it as a title for your presentation.

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