Want public speaking tips?  Here are five things that good speakers ALWAYS do.


1.Set an objective


Good speakers have a clear objective and a strong message. You know you have heard a great presentation because you can walk away from their speech knowing exactly what it is you need to do.


Good speakers use repetition and sound bites to ensure their message sticks, and they finish with a ‘call to action’ that reinforces their objective.


  1. Have a prepared plan


Good speakers don’t read from their notes or put their whole presentation on the screen. Good speakers prepare an outline based on facts and stories and use their notes as prompts only.


This way they can deliver their speech in a conversational tone and be flexible to be able to respond to the audience when needed.


  1. Consider the audience

Good speakers realise that no matter how important they think their message is, it doesn’t mean squat if the audience can’t relate it to it.

You want to be a better speaker? Then find your audience’s burning issue and make sure you address it up front.


  1. Use stories


Good speakers explain and embellish by presenting stories. They realise that stories increase engagement, create an emotional connection, allow them to deliver their message in a  conversational style,convey empathy and enable them to persuade with passion.


  1. Write their presentation first and then ask: “Do I need to use PowerPoint?”


Good speakers know that passionate people persuade, not PowerPoint. Often they will present without PowerPoint. They may use a prop instead, or a simple diagram on a white board. Or, they might just look you in the eye and talk to you.




These are the five elements that all good speakers have. These public speaking tips will benefit you greatly.  But like great singers, they come in a wide variety of colours, shapes and sizes. So it’s up to you to find your unique style.


What other skills do great speaker have? Please share your thoughts

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All Good Presentations Start With a Confident Speaker

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