Last week I delivered a workshop on personal brand and self-leadership. I first wrote about personal brand in 2016. I realised then that you cannot amplify a brand until you have clarity on the product you are selling.

With personal brand the product is you, so self-knowledge and self-leadership is essential.

Under the canopy of your brand, there are four building blocks of personal leadership.

These four blocks are:

1. Self Assessment

Understanding yourself, your strengths and weaknesses and know how to promote and leverage your superpowers and mitigate threats. 

2. Self Management

This is all about EQ. As someone once said, “IQ will get you hired, EQ will get you promoted.” Self-management is about understanding and taking responsibility for your thoughts and actions. Simple, but not easy. 

3. Self Growth

Do not leave your personal development to others. Reflect on where you are today and where you want to be. Invest in your most important asset – you!

4. Self Acceptance

Accepting your ‘soft spots’. No matter how hard we try, we cannot be brilliant at everything. Self-acceptance is also about having the confidence to own, celebrate and amplify your strengths.

These four blocks build a strong foundation on which we can build and amplify our personal brand which reflects your skills, values, beliefs and goals.

Before we lead others, we must be able to lead ourselves.

Self-leadership comes first.

All the best – I’m here to help if you need.


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