Think about your job. How much would you get done if you were passive? Probably not much. What if you were pushy? You might get something done – once. Why? Because pushy kills relationships. People may let you get away with it once and then after that they’ll cross their arms and say “Good luck with that sunshine!”

Which is why we all need to be persuasive, especially when presenting.

When I was a uni student I worked in the Rundle Mall John Martins jewellery department and it was here that I learnt ANELA:

Smile and greet people when they walk in

Ask them what they are looking for. There’s no point showing them the silver selection if they are after 9ct gold.

Bring the piece to life with a story

Tell them what they need to know so they can make a purchase

Ask for the sale ‘Will that be cash or charge?’

The same steps apply to your presentation:

This is your ‘grab.’ Start with a quote, startling statistic or a story to engage and entice

The essence of persuasion is finding out what people need and then providing it. Find out what they want from your presentation and make sure you tick that box!

Connect with stories. People buy on emotion and justify their purchase with logic. Stories also make you more likeable which in turn, makes you more persuasive.

Be selective! Only provide them with the facts they need to know.

So what now? Where do we go from here? Take them on a journey and show them the way.


This is what I do – I love helping people grow their confidence so they can Stand Up, find their voice so they can Speak Up and clarify their message so they can Persuade.

If you want to know more, please join me at the Stand Up, Speak Up & Persuade workshop next month on Thursday, August 16th, 2018.

You can register HERE.

I’d love to help you shine and rock your next presentation.

Stand Up Speak Up & Persuade

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All Good Presentations Start With a Confident Speaker

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