Good presentations do not happen in isolation – if it’s all about you and your message, you are missing 50% of the equation.

Persuasion means to win others over, not defeat them. In order to do this you need to uncover the audience’s wants and needs.

Get curious
Question to uncover;

  • What is their level of knowledge on this subject?
  • What is their attitude towards me?
  • What motivates this audience?
  • What type of job do they have?
  • What other priorities do they have?

Get strategic
Go back to your objective and ask yourself: “What do you want the audience to do, say think or feel?” Find out who the influencers and key decision makers are. Tailor your message to suit their needs.

People you need to find 
The champion

  • Someone who loves your work and your idea and is happy to speak on your behalf

The contributor

  • This person may have expertise in your area and could be an ally

The influencer

  • This is the person who is able to influence the decision maker
  • One of the biggest influencers that often get overlooked is the decision makers Executive Assistant.
  • An EA once told me

“The CEO is the head of the business,
but the EA is the neck.” 

  • The EA is in a position to champion your project and increase its priority on the list of items to be actioned

The blocker

  • May have preconceived ideas about your recommendation or a hidden agenda

The decision maker

  • A person with clout who is in the position to give the go-ahead to your plans

The approver

  • The person who signs off on your project. They may not be present at your presentation and rely on the verdict from the decision maker

Your job is to tailor your message so they understand, are excited and feel motivated to take action. To do this you need to practice radical empathy

In the end your presentation is not about you,
it’s about them.

I love to help people shine, if you or your team are stuck, give me a call, I can help you with that!

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